Lee’s Noodle Kitchen – 9889 Bellaire Blvd

I am back.  This week,  I’m writing about a restaurant that is situated in the Dun Huang Plaza on Bellaire called Lee’s Noodle Kitchen.  This place is not a typical dumpling/noodle place.  Not quite sure what origin the cook is from, they serve a different style of beef noodle soup from other popular place like San Dong or FuFu’s and their dumplings are probably not the best that I have in Chinatown.   There are references to Taiwan in the menu, so I presume this place serves a type of Taiwanese cuisine.  

The beef soup is bit on the oily side, but I loved the beef with lots of tendon.    Lee’s offer a type of rice vermicelli that is not often offered elsewhere.  If you like something not too heavy and with white chicken meat, I would recommend Chicken with Rice Vermicelli soup.   It’s big and filling.   Also, the Yun Nan Style Vermicelli soup is unique.  It is served with the raw thin slices of chicken and pork on the side along with a hot pot of soup.  You put the noodle and meat at once and let it sit for a couple minutes before eating.  The flavor is not too strong and the soup also have some chives and shrimp.

The past 3 weeks, I have visited Lee’s over 3 times and each time, I tried something new.  I must say, their Fried Chicken wing (10 pieces) are tasty and best coupled with something bland like rice or noodle.   The Virginia Ham Fried Rice has good flavor if you like ham.   The appetizer pairing is reasonable, but it’s not for everone’s taste as you will find beef tripe, pork ear, head, intestine, etc.  No worries, they serve cold tofu and drunken chicken that seems popular among patrons in the restaurant.  I would not recommend their boiled dumplings at this place, though it’s reasonably priced. 

On the wall, if you don’t read Chinese like my friends, you may mistaken them as Chinese arts. Instead, there are 5 to 6 off the wall menus written on red chinese papers that offer a variety of food.  One is a delicious fried bread.  I probably am not translating it correctly.  It’s the one that is priced at $2.95.   If you are curious, ask the waitress to explain what they are.

Lee’s accepts credit card, but only if you spend $15 or more.  I don’t see a problem with that.  The food is priced fair and comes in good portion.   I look forward to hearing anyone who has tried other dishes like their smoked duck.   I can see Lee’s will become a hot spot for Chinatown eaters for years to come.


San Dong Noodle House – 9938 Bellaire Blvd, Houston

If you never been to San Dong, but heard of it, you should give it a go.   Don’t be intimated by the cashier, she does speak English, and they have pictures and English written in their menu.  Oh, and be sure to bring cash and an empty stomach for some dumplings and noodles.   And one more thing, this is a self serve restaurant.  Once you pay, grab a table and your own water and utensils that is situated to the left (your right) of the counter.

San Dong has a simple menu.   I think it may have about 12 to 15 items to choose from.  A couple types of noodles and rice dishes and 2 style of dumplings but no vegetarian.  Some fresh made dishes like cucumber salad, seaweed salad, pig ears, eggs, etc  can be bought from the cold section.   Also, they make these steams meat buns and rice balls daily and if you don’t mind stuffing yourself before your entree comes, order a box and share with your friends.

All visits to San Dong warrant a bowl of their beef soup noodle.  The cashier  will ask you if you want the skinny or fat noodle.  It’s like spaghetti versus fetuccine.   It’s a preference, both are good.   If I remember correctly, they may still make their own noodles.  What’s better is the broth and the beef that comes with it.    Some says the soup is a bit sweet.   It’s like a lighter soupy beef stew, it’s that kind of brisket meat texture, a little fatty with tendon and the soup is yummy if you like hot soup.  For those who doesn’t care for hot soup noodles, you can try their fried chicken or fried pork chop with rice.    Both comes with a brown egg and some veggies with bean curd that is saucy and goes great with white rice.   The rice dishes are safe bet and filling.   Also available is their wonton soup, which is made of celery with just a touch of pork.  It’s a bit bland, but has a good flavor.   Another option is another noodle bowl, but without soup. The noodle is mixed with a sweet meat sauce and served hot.  I don’t usually order it, but I have seen plenty of others do.  

Well, next time you drive by San Dong, hop in and give it a try.  Hope you enjoy it as much as my friends and I do!


FuFu’s Cafe – 9889 Bellaire Blvd, Houston

Gosh, where to begin about FuFu’s Cafe?  If I say too much about how good it is, everyone will  go and that’s only going to make the line longer when I go next time.    But to fulfill the purpose of this blog, I shall disclose what I know and have enjoyed and disliked about this place.   FuFu’s is solid in terms of food and location, plus, they accept credit cards.  It is located in the newer part of the Bellaire area.  The restaurant is a bit tight in terms of space and like many Asian’s restaurants, the staff is not very attentive, but they sure will deliver you the best combination fried rice and soup dumplings and so much more!

Fu Fu’s is also known for their hot pot, which is served all year long, but that is another topic for another day.   Did I mention their dumplings?  They have amazing soup dumplings that are steamed in a steel basket and the juice of the dumplings ooze out quickly, so don’t poke it.   They have 4 kinds of  pork dumplings and all are under $5.00 for like a dozen.   They also served vegetarian dumplings, but since I haven’t tried, I don’t know if they are good.

FuFu’s lunch special is fantastic and cheap for the amount of food you get.    If you pick a busy day, you may have to wait a little bit for a table, but it’s worth it.  If not, I recommend ordering ahead of time and take it to go.  They always get my order right.  

FuFu’s Cafe has so much to offer and I can see it is reaching across different ethnicity because just last night, I saw a table of 8 and they were all white Americans who were truly enjoying a great family dinner in a small cozy Chinese restaurant and most shockingly, they were eating hot pot in the summer heat of Houston!  

Everyone can find something they like here at FuFu’s and it’s not super intimating because the staff do speak English and they have menu in English as well.  So give it a try and order a lot of food to share.


The beginning

This blog is dedicated to eating in Chinatown, Houston TX.  All food and restaurants are game under this blog.   Why blog about Chinatown?  I love eating and also love bringing my friends to dine with me in Chinatown.  There are so many places with so many cuisines within a couple miles on the Bellaire Blvd.  Some folks find Chinatown a bit intimidating and I like to ease that preception by providing candid and truthful details of the places and give you a leg in before you step foot into the place you wish to go.   Of course, if the place sucks, you are going to hear it too.     Feel free to join me and add your spin to what you like and not like about the food, the restaurants, the people (don’t get offended, service in Chinatown is not their number one priority), the traffic (what out for those drivers!)  in Chinatown.  Oh, and feel free to submit questions about restaurants you like to know before going, like their best dishes, cash or credit, etc.  If I know, I’ll tell you everything and if I don’t, then it’ll be a learning experience for all of us.